Porphyria Made Easy By Prof Dr Bashir Ahmed Dar Sopore Kashmir

Doctors need to be aware of a rare, hard to diagnose condition called Porphyria. To reach an accurate diagnosis of Porphyria a crystal clear understanding is needed
10/03/2016, Prof Dr Bashir Ahmed Dar


03/05/2016, Dr. med. Djohan Hasan

Factsheet bMail

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02/03/2015, DocCheck Industry International

A very rare and aggressive lung tumor

Rhabdoid phenotype is an uncommon histoplatholtogic malignancy found in
06/05/2014, Claudia Cordoba-Carrillo, José Nieves-Nieves, et al.

Blankman et al. (critical care 2014)

In post-cardiac surgery patients, the ITV index (intratidal gas distribution index) was comparable with dynamic compliance to indicate ‘best’ PEEP. The ITV index can visualize the PEEP level at which
01/06/2015, Dr. med. Djohan Hasan

Developmental Venous Anomyaly Associated with Hemi-Parkinson's Syndrome

Objective and Importance: Developmental venous anomalies (DVAs) are common congenital anomalies of intracranial venous drainage. In general, it is felt that DVAs replace the normal venous drainage sys
28/01/2014, Nussbaum E, Defillo A, Nussbaum L

Factsheet DocCheck InSite

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19/05/2015, DocCheck Industry International

German Childhood Cancer Registry - Annual Report 2013/2014

The pediatric oncologists and hematologists have long been suggesting to the German Childhood Cancer Registry to extend recording new cases systematically not only for cases before the 15th birthday,
04/02/2015, Universitätsmedizin Mainz

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