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Smoking cessation in patients with coronary heart disease

Smoking cessation after development of coronary heart disease improves prognosis more than any other treatment. More than half of the patients who smoked prior to a cardiac event persist in smoking or
05/10/2017, Dr. phil. Nadine Berndt

Sectio chirurgica: Summer programme 2017

Sectio chirurgica is about to start its 11th season of live surgeries. This summer, there will be 4 episodes (Thursday nights at 6 pm CET) for you to watch live on DocCheck. Organized by the Departmen
08/05/2017, Sectio chirurgica: Anatomy & Live Surgeries

Vitamin D Deficiency in Europaens Today and in Viking settlers of Greenland

From a biological point of view, vitamin D deficiency in humans (and not just in humans) is not a phenomenon of our time but a thousand-year-old strain on Europe. Nowhere else in the world do so many
11/03/2017, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Horst Göring

a leaflet to choose, breast cancer screening, yes or no ?

Cancer screening: who should choose? Pink October slogans are quite simplistic : earlier is better, more is better, to be in is good for you… This is why a multidisciplinary group of French health pro
23/02/2017, docteur Cécile Bour

stem cell therapy improves paralysis

21/02/2017, Dr Ghassan Haddad

The reasons for our left or right-handedness

21/02/2017, Dr Ghassan Haddad

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