Advances in the therapy of migraine

Innovative Migraine Therapy

From: Dr Ghassan Haddad

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel Syndrome information for your patients. CTS is a common condition affecting the hand and wrist. Symptoms consist of pain and parenthesis in the median nerve distribution of the hand.

From: Dr Ghassan Haddad

Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is defined as a cardiac arrhytmia with the following characteristics: The surface ECG shows ‘absolutely’ irregular RR intervals, i.e. RR intervals that do not follow ...

From: Dr Margareth Gracia

Integrating Health Care to Meet the Needs of the Mother–Infant Pair: A Call for Papers for Year 3 of the Maternal Health Task Force–PLOS Collection

The Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF) at Harvard School of Public Health and PLOS Medicine are pleased to announce the third year of our Open Access collection of research and commentary on ...

From: Kate Mitchell, Mary Nell Wegner, Ana Langer et al.

Perioperative management of an overtly hypothyroid patient presenting with torsion of an ovarian cyst and a possible difficult airway

Hypothyroid patients need special attention due to associated physiologic, metabolic and electrolyte derangements that may at times be a challenging in emergency situations.

From: Dr. Rakesh Karnawat

Risk Stratification by Self-Measured Home Blood Pressure across Categories of Conventional Blood Pressure: A Participant-Level Meta-Analysis

The Global Burden of Diseases Study 2010 reported that hypertension is worldwide the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease, causing 9.4 million deaths annually. We examined to what extent ...

From: Asayama K, Thijs L, Brguljan-Hitij J, Niiranen TJ et al.

Gray’s Anatomy (1)

Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body (20. US-Auflage, 1918, S. 1-186) Gray’s Anatomy (1) Gray’s Anatomy (2) Gray’s Anatomy (3) Gray’s Anatomy (4) Gray’s Anatomy (5)

From: DocCheck Community

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6 natural treatments for sciatic nerve pain

1. Chiropractor Spinal Adjustments There are different types of ruptured or herniated discs — some that cause more nerve pain than others.   2. Yoga and Stretching Moving in certain ways can aggravate sciatic pain, but in some cases it can ... [more]
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ESC Congress Final Program

Still 19 days to go... Get in the mood for ESC by having a look at this year’s program. Let us know what you look foward to and I, medical student and reporter at the ESC 2016, will focus on delivering live impressions on those topics that you ... [more]
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Hemiplegia Part-1 By Prof Dr Bashir Ahmed Dar Sopore Kashmir

Taking the patient's history is traditionally the first step in virtually every clinical encounter. A thorough neurologic history allows the clinician to define the patient's problem and, along with the result of physical examination, assists in ... [more]