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Image of the week

What could that be? The solution can be found here:  
ZDoggMD - Medical Satire published a video

Doc Vader Knows Your Body by ZDoggMD

In this video Doc Vader shares how he feels about patients who think they know their bodies better than him.
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I Want Muscles! Image of the Week – January 8, 2018 - CIL:41833 -

I Want Muscles! Image of the Week – January 8, 2018 CIL:41833 - Description: Confocal micrograph showing the complex connectivity at the neuromuscular junction of Drosophila (fruit fly). Muscle fibers ... [more]
Neither a compass nor a map will help a surgeon plan surgery and guide surgical instruments. Surgical navigation systems are the solution here. They can be based on imaging methods, such as CT or MRI, or consist of instruments connected to screens ... [more]
ZDoggMD - Medical Satire published a video

"Just Stop" (Adapted from Kesha's "Tik Tok") by ZDoggMD

This tanning salon parody is meant to highlight the dangers of indoor tanning. The only wrinkles we want to see on your face are laugh wrinkles!
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Can You Smell What This Zebrafish is Seeing! Image of the Week – January 1, 2018 - CIL:41567 -

CIL:41567 - Description: Eyes and optic tectum of five-day-old zebrafish larva that has a mutation causing retinal axons to project into the olfactory lobe. This image was created from a 125-slice Z-stack ... [more]
ZDoggMD - Medical Satire published a video

Doc Vader vs. Doc McStuffins by ZDoggMD

Doc Vader talks about his dislike of Doc McStuffins…check it out yourself!