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Ejaz Elhak follows now SHMP

Thanks to various imaging supplies, it is possible to make the inside of the body accessible for diagnostics, research and treatment. The lung, one of the most important human organs for survival, is also examined in this way. In our Topic of the ... [more]

European Congress of Radiology in Vienna

live reports - clinical cases - information The European Congress of Radiology represents the medical specialty of radiology throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. It is held from March 1-5, 2017 in Vienna, Austria. DocCheck will be attending the ... [more]

Focus for learning in MSK problems seen in the outpatient setting.

Supporting physiotherapists development in the management of MSK problems seen in Outpatients
We are, once again, running a course to help develop the skills of physiotherapists in their understanding of the place of physiotherapy in the whole management of the patient with MSK problems. This 3 weekend series is aimed at those wishing to ... [more]
Some diseases require close, permanent control of the patient, especially if they are chronic and, if unchecked, potentially dangerous, like some lung diseases. Monitoring them is quite cumbersome, because patients regularly need to visit their ... [more]
The focus of every hospital are the patient and caring for him quickly. However, processes are often delayed because, for example, the patient data first has to be recorded with time consuming effort or a specialist is not currently on site. The ... [more]

Achilles Reflex

Eliciting the Achilles S1 reflex in kneeling. Particularly useful when a patient is reluctant to lie supine.