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Please note: Changing user data is only possible if it is ensured that the user name is unique. With older accounts it might occur that a user name is found more than once in our system. During change of any data (e. g. bank details), this is being checked and you will be informed accordingly if appropriate. If this is the case, please enter a changed user name for safety reasons (like for example instead of  "Smith" alternatively "Smith1950").

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User data obtained by DocCheck is subject to data protection. DocCheck will not make available to third parties data relating to personal information of a user including addresses and email addresses. That also applies to the companies using the DocCheck protection system.

DocCheck neither creates any personal profiles. In the event data transfer is necessary (e.g. in the context of taking part in online studies, data can only be passed on with the user's prior express consent.

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You decide how public your data is. When you create or edit your profile, you can choose whether your data are public or private.

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To view and edit your data as well as adjust your email-settings, just click here. Your email-settings allow individual adjustments on which type of DocCheck emails you wish to receive and how often.

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You can edit your user data and email settings here.

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No. We do not hand out your personal data to anyone. DocCheck sends out the DocCheck bMail directly. If you want us to hand out your data for follow-up actions, e.g. personal contact, you have to give a single permission.

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Profiles can only be deleted by DocCheck. Write an email to, and your profile will be deleted within 24 hours.

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If you do not need your DocCheck Account any longer, just write us a short email and we will delete your data in the database.

Please note: After deletion, a recovery of the data is not possible.

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