Frequently asked questions about this topic "Costs"

Basic job ads (plain text version, publication done by you personally) are free of charge.

Premium job ads (designed job ad in PDF or HTML format) are published in the DocCheck job board and the DocCheck Community by our team with costs. Please refer to the price list in our Media Data.

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The creation of a job candidate profile is free. With this profile you have the chance to present yourself prominently to potential employers. You can upload documents (e.g. certifications) and also join your personal profile with your information from DocCheck.

Especially advantageous: You can easily attach your profile to every application for a job offer.

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At the end of each bMail you will find a “Donation Box”. For every bMail read you can donate € 0.18 to a charitable or non-for-profit organisation.

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After receiving an email via DocCheck bMail you have a period of three months during which to click on a link within the email in order to donate to one of our non-profit initiatives. After this point the link will expire and thus invalidated. A retroactive attempt to donate will not be possible.

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The services of DocCheck are free. Medical professionals as well as pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions can use DocCheck without any costs.

DocCheck is financed by online market research, media services and other additional services.

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