Surfing the internet remains easy with DocCheck! If a website is protected with DocCheck, you are directed to a login page in which you are asked to enter your username and your password.
Please enter your identification into the corresponding fields.

When you click the "Submit"-button, a query is sent to the DocCheck server. If your username/password combination is correct you are transferred to the protected pages. With only one password you can collect medical information on a lot of protected websites!

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To view and edit your data as well as adjust your email-settings, just click here. Your email-settings allow individual adjustments on which type of DocCheck emails you wish to receive and how often.

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The services of DocCheck are free. Medical professionals as well as pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions can use DocCheck without any costs.

DocCheck is financed by online market research, media services and other additional services.

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Please note: Changing user data is only possible if it is ensured that the user name is unique. With older accounts it might occur that a user name is found more than once in our system. During change of any data (e. g. bank details), this is being checked and you will be informed accordingly if appropriate. If this is the case, please enter a changed user name for safety reasons (like for example instead of  "Smith" alternatively "Smith1950").

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If you do not need your DocCheck Account any longer, just write us a short email and we will delete your data in the database.

Please note: After deletion, a recovery of the data is not possible.

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The money on your DocCheck customer account will be credited to your bank account filed about three weeks after quarter end.

This process is mostly automated, but in some cases might require some additional time. We appreciate your understanding here. Your money will be remitted in any case. A lump sum fee of EURO 0.50 is due per transaction.

In order to see your current DocCheck customer account balance and your filed bank details, please click here.

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The DocCheck access is a personalised password protection. If you want to apply for access for your co-worker/employees, they are welcome to register individually.

To register with DocCheck please click here.

After registration of all co-workers/employees, please send us a collective verification including a listing of the persons to be activated (last name, first name and user name).

You are welcome to send this collective verification by fax (+49(0)221/92053-555 respectively -556) or by email. Alternatively you might want to send it by regular mail. On receipt of the verification we will activate the passwords immediately.

To grant a problem-free process, please make sure you send the collective verification AFTER all co-workers/employees have concluded registration with DocCheck.

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User data obtained by DocCheck is subject to data protection. DocCheck will not make available to third parties data relating to personal information of a user including addresses and email addresses. That also applies to the companies using the DocCheck protection system.

DocCheck neither creates any personal profiles. In the event data transfer is necessary (e.g. in the context of taking part in online studies, data can only be passed on with the user's prior express consent.

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Please click here to find an overview of all our services.

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Pharmaceutical companies or other institutions that would like to use the DocCheck system on their website(s), may apply here.

You will receive the HTML code for the DocCheck login and all necessary details after you have entered your data.

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