a leaflet to choose, breast cancer screening, yes or no ?

Cancer screening: who should choose?

Pink October slogans are quite simplistic : earlier is better, more is better, to be in is good for you… This is why a multidisciplinary group of French health professionnals and patients, independent of every organisation or administration, and without any conflict of interest, has voluntarily developed an information leaflet intended for women, in an attempt to give them back the power of a really informed decision about breast cancer screening. This fully referenced leaflet is freely downloadable, in French and in English.

You can find and download to on website : www.cancer-rose.fr

Find a video about breast cancer screening subtitled in english language here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WokeeihfCnw

Click on the littel star-icon right at the bottom of the video to access to subtitles.

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