Demyelinating Pseudotumour: A case report

Cerebral demyelinating disease is a neurological condition and cerebral lesions caused by demyelinating disease may simulate cerebral tumours. This is a case report of an 83 year old patient with prograssiverly worsening neurological symptoms and an MRI  scans howing a lesion resembling a malignant glioma. THis historical examination of this lesion confirmed a demyelinating pseudotumour. A review of the literature revealed conflicting findings on the radiological and histological features of this lesion. It is important that careful analysis of these investigations be carried out before a definite diagnosis of a demyelinating pseudotumour is made in order to ensure appropriate patient management.

Devadass A, Lamont D, Hussain Z, et al. (2013) Demyelinating Pseudotumour: A case report. Cureus 5(11): e146. doi:10.7759/cureus.146

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