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Healthy aging: further research needed on measurement methods in geriatrics - Blog

\n Today’s society is faced with an aging population. The past has seen the development of many methods for measuring body composition in older adults. However, some of these techniques are not availa
22/10/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Exercise Prescription for Health: sports instead of pills - Blog

\n Did you know that we can influence up to 50 percent of our health ourselves? If we eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, this not only ensures longer independence in old age. Diseases can als
22/10/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

5 Ways to Improve Your Mindset Before You Lose Weight - Blog

\n Each weight loss method has its various pros and cons, but in order to make a specific weightloss process effective, one needs to have the correct mindset. While it can be hard to adopt the proper
20/10/2018, Kevin Gardner

What Causes Acne and How To Treat It Fast? - Blog

Acne is a common problem among teenagers. Learn what causes acne and how to get rid of it.\n Teenagers often face the problem of acne and this makes them lose confidence. Teens (especially girls) avoi
18/10/2018, Jennie Campbell

How to write the best motivational letter - Blog

\n A motivational letter is similar to a cover letter. The only difference is that a cover letter is for applying for a job while a motivational letter is for applying for a university or a non-paid p
16/10/2018, Nicole Brown

First aid in case your kids get injured - Blog

Different kids handle injuries differently. From a bee sting to a scraped knee, your kids will get wounded several times, and you should not panic, because this is part of this period of their life. \
16/10/2018, Cynthia Madison

With modern imaging supplies: A look into the lung - Blog

\n Thanks to various imaging supplies, it is possible to make the inside of the body accessible for diagnostics, research and treatment. The lung, one of the most important human organs for survival,
11/10/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Important must have Educational Apps for Student Learning - Blog

Medication error is a significant issue in healthcare sector, and it is adversely impacting the ability of nurses to efficiently providing care to patients. This article covers important strategies th

How to Minimize Discomfort Working Standing-Up - Blog

\n People say no job is easy. Each one is difficult in its own way and each one is necessary for our society to prosper and function. Each one brings a certain sort of discomfort – sedentary lifesty
10/10/2018, Amelia Grant

Coping with PTSD – triggers, trauma reactivity and other concerns - Blog

From a mother-baby separation to trouble during adolescence or in one’s love life; when a loved one or a job is lost, the man is subject to developing PTSD, which leads to major changes that affect th
09/10/2018, Cynthia Madison

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