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Dear colleagues, I need to know the experience of pentaglobin in sepsis. How commonly is this agent used as an adjunctive therapy in sepsis across Europe? Thank you for your help!

at 02.03.2016

A 70-year-old female patient slipped and fell on the back of her head one week ago. Since then, she has been suffering from dizziness and headache. Her normal medication is a blood-pressure-lowering drug. Inconspicious laboratory results. The more...

at 18.02.2016

Facts female, 29, nonsmoking   History No permanent medication.   At the age of 14, she gets a high colonoscopy because of suspected chronic inflammatory bowel disease (CIBD). There are no findings, just tiny isolated bondings in the more...

at 19.10.2015

Dear colleagues, Could you maybe tell me how many types of taxes you have to pay in GB? Thank you!

at 30.09.2015

38-year-old female patient visits the outpatient clinic of surgery because of a massive and increasing swelling of her stomach. Approximately she is treated as an inpatient. No defecation for days. Poor general condition. Short-term more...

at 24.09.2015

Female patient, 76 years old, comes from her family doctor to get a computertomographical checkup. The sonography shows an undefined finding in the liver. Slightly increase of GGT, GOT and GPT. The patient describes that she feels "full". No more...

at 18.09.2015

Dear colleagues, I want to clear my ambiguity regarding the Role of IGg in comparison to IgM in sepsis. Maybe you could help me with that? Thanks!

at 15.09.2015

A 60 year-old patient (hitherto has never been seriously ill- as a child he had appendectomy) is accommodated in a hospital due to unclear abdominal pain with suspicion of facal impaction. Reason: slight abdominal pain, vomited one time, since 3 more...

at 10.09.2015

Hi, My dad suffers from Restless Leg Syndrom (RLS). All medicaments taken until today don't work. According to the neurologist the only drug that can help him is rotigotine. Unfortunately Neupro (trade name) is unbelievably expensive in Poland more...

at 19.08.2015

What could the red marked part in this incidental finding be? The findings in the lumbar spine can be ignored here. A question for the summer slump. When I saw that yesterday at the radiograph, I had to think of all my colleagues here. Little more...

at 03.08.2015
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