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'The empowered patient' has become a household term since medical knowledge became available without limits on the Web. Yet such forms of information have a downside. Researchers point to a ... [more]

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Having cared for both children and adults in six neuromuscular programs or clinics, I am continually amazed at the inaccurate diagnosis far too many patients receive. Several months ago a ... [more]

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The hand muscles are the short skeletal muscles, which are located in the area of ​​hand. When looking at the muscles of the hand, a distinction is made between: the thenar musculature located radially to the ball of the thumb; the ulnar ... [more]
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The term wrist muscles refers to muscles acting on the wrist.

musculus extensor carpi radialis brevis musculus extensor carpi radialis longus musculus extensor carpi ulnaris musculus extensor digiti minimi musculus extensor ... [more]
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You can keep a goatee, Van Dyck, stubble, French cut, mutton chops, Verdi, soul patch, Garibaldi, balbo, or chin strap. Not only will the bearded look draw attention to your facial features, you would beard czar also be able to conceal facial flaws ... [more]
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Total Lab Automation - Screening and microbiological diagnosis as fast as never

It can identify dangerous germs quickly and safely. The new Total Lab Automation at the University Hospital Heidelberg makes it possible.
Marta Marusicic published a picture
Marta Marusicic published a picture

Vagina with veins

Vagina with veins after 6 months of pregnacy  
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Marta Marusicic published a picture

Veins on vagina

1 year after pregnacy you can see veins on major labia, is it normal to see viens after child birth?  
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Front view of a vagina
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ESC Congress '16

Good morning Rome! This is how it looks like when 25.000 cardiologists start their day on a Congress! Grischa is looking forward to the day and especially the interviews with Adrian Zurbuchen, Andreas Goette and Tina Lucas.