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Key stakeholders from developed and developing countries continue to pursue new strategies to reduce the global disease burden of HIV. One key approach to help reduce HIV prevalence is to advance all ... [more]

The most common cause of death for people between 15 and 30 years of age is one that is investigated too little. What goes on in the head and in the body of people with suicidal intentions is largely ... [more]

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Doctor Scott Isaacman commented on the News-item Suicide: A Way Out Of The Blind Alley
Excellent. Thanks for addressing this problem. There is no hesitation to attack other members of the top ten causes of mortality. We should be just as aggresive combating suicide.
Aren't sleep disturbance and anxiety both early signs of AD? Making AD patients more likely to be prescribed long-term benzos? Causal relationship far from proved.
17 days ago
Martina Jansen commented on the News-item Benzodiazepines: Alzheimer's helpers
As sleeping problems, anxiety, mood swings etc can be early signs of Alzheimer's disease, it is not surprising that there is a correlation between the users of these medications and those diagnosed with the disease some years later.
17 days ago
Guest commented on the News-item ADHD: Behaviour therapy for mum & dad
hi Dunja, you might want to look at a small study where we included deep stress neutralisation (of the reptillian brain). This technic was been developed in refugee camps in Africa where people suffer from war trauma, deep stress issues so to speak. ... [more]
17 days ago
Dr Richard Doehring commented on the News-item The randomisation of nonsense
Any attempt to ban "research" and publication of trials of alternative medicine would simply fuel the conspiracy theories about the persecution of alternative medicine by conventional practitioners, government, "Big Pharma", etc.

Rather let us ... [more]
32 days ago
Claudia Conroy commented on the News-item The randomisation of nonsense
What about meditation's effect on the healing process and awareness. Brain image studies show the positive result of meditation on brain activity when a subject is exposed to a negative stimulant. Do we consider meditation alternative or adjunctive ... [more]
32 days ago
I hope this article by Gorski and Novella, which is both rational and long overdue, receives attention/ space in the media aimed at the general public.
33 days ago
CDC/ NIAID published a picture

Ebola virus particles

Under a magnification of 25,000X, this digitally-colorized scanning electron micrograph (SEM) depicts numerous filamentous Ebola virus particles (red) budding from a chronically-infected VERO E6 cell (blue). Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is one ... [more]
46 days ago
DOCTOR Abadi Leul Welderufael commented on the News-item HIV: Cure in the near distance?
Hopefully this is it!!!!
at 22.09.2014
Dr Liem Le Thanh published a picture

Giant Cell Tumor of the Femur detected by ultrasound

Ultrasound findings of a giant cell tumor of the femur with trespassing on the soft tissue in a 35-year-old male patient and ultrasound images have characteristics similar to X Ray.
at 21.09.2014

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