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Chronoprevention and chronotherapy are old topics, ones to which modern medicine is currently returning with a fresh mindset. One research team has now systematically listed previous findings on ... [more]

The medical journal "Vaccine" devoted itself recently to the topic of immunisation scepticism in a special edition on the theme. The WHO experts call for immunisation programs to systematically deal ... [more]

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Flora Vinbert has published the Flexikon article Aortic ring
The aortic ring is a collagenous fibre ring that belongs to the fibrous ring. This spans the aortic ostium and delimits this in the valve plane or the plane of the cardiac skeleton.

The aortic ring serves as a solid anchor point of the ... [more]
Flora Vinbert has published the Flexikon article Alveolus
The alveoli are the structural elements of the lung. During respiration this is where gas exchanges takes place between the blood and the alveolar air.
In dentistry, the term alveolus is used to denote the dental alveoli.

The alveoli ... [more]
Alexandra Schritz has published the Flexikon article Atrioventricular valve
The atrioventricular valves refer to the valves of the heart, which lie between the atria and the ventricles. In the human body, there are two atrioventricular valves, the mitral valve (Valva atrioventricularis sinistra) and the tricuspid value ... [more]
Doctor Susan Lowe commented on the News-item Immunisation Doubters: I don't believe what I C
certain types of immunisation yes, others are a travesty in the annals of medicine and will never use or recommend....
2 days ago
The Cell - An Image Library published a picture

Insert your own tree pun - Image of the Week - October 5, 2015 - CIL:41642 -

Description: Fluorescent micrograph of a Tilia tree taken at 10X. Honorable Mention, 2011 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition®.   Authors: Nathan Pallace and the 2011 Olympus Bioscapes Digital Imaging Competition®.   Licensing: ... [more]
2 days ago
DocCheck TV Redaktion published a video
9 days ago
Albertinen-Krankenhaus published a video

Pinworm infestation of the colon.

Pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis) infestation of the colon.
9 days ago
The Cell - An Image Library published a picture

Astrocytes! - Image of the Week - September 28, 2015 - CIL:48105 Description: Cryopreserved rat astrocytes were revived and stained for GFAP (in red) to reveal cytoskeleton and DAPI (in blue) to label nuclei. GFAP mutations and intracellular accumulation have been ... [more]
9 days ago

The DocCheck Team at the ECC 2015

A picture of the congress, especially for you, to get an impression of the DocCheck booth in Vienna. There are physicians and oncologists from all over the world coming to the European Cancer Congress to get in an interdisciplinary exchange and to ... [more]
10 days ago

European Cancer Congress 2015

The DocCheck Community-Team at the ECC in Vienna. Experts of various disciplines meet at Europe's largest congress of oncology and exchange their experiences and latest research findings. You will find more information here soon.
10 days ago

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