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Recently I wrote about the problems with Maintenance of Certification requirements. One of the phrases I read repeatedly when I was researching the piece was “the patient as customer”. Here’s a ... [more]

Unhealthy lifestyles, poor diet and hereditary risk are well-documented causes of blood supply disruption in the brain. Less well studied are infections which precede this event. Harmless colds are ... [more]

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Jessica Schnase has edited the Flexikon article Lumbar rib
The lumbar rib is an accessory rib which inserts beyond the thorax at the transverse process of the first lumbar vertebra.

The lumbar rib is a relatively rare anatomical variation, which is not related to any clinical significance. ... [more]
3 days ago
Jessica Schnase has edited the Flexikon article Anal verge
German: Linea anocutanea
The anal verge designates an anatomical structure of the anus. It marks the transition of the anal skin (anoderm) to the normal outer skin (epidermis). This boundary is the distal ending of the anal canal.
Close to the anal ... [more]
3 days ago
Jessica Schnase has edited the Flexikon article Articular meniscus
The articular meniscus consists of fibrous cartilage and dense connective tissue which fibers are aligned in a parallel way and wich divides the articular cavity into two compartments. Concerning the transversal slice, the joint body (discus ... [more]
3 days ago
Jessica Schnase has edited the Flexikon article Interosseus membrane
The interosseus membrane describes in fields of anatomy a fibrous layer of connective tissue, which is fixed in between of two bones.
There are two different types occuring in the human body:
Interosseus membrane of forearm (Membrana interossea ... [more]
3 days ago
Jessica Schnase has edited the Flexikon article Medial plane
The medial plane is a surface, which runs sagitally right through the center of the body and is fixed between the longitudinal axis and the sagittal axis. The medial plane is in accordance with the sagittal axis which runs exactly through the center ... [more]
3 days ago
Jessica Schnase has edited the Flexikon article Medullary cavity
The medullary cavitiy is lined with endosteum and is located in the inner part of the bone. It contains the bone marrow.

The medullary cavity is generated during the beginning ossification by growing of blood vessels into the new ... [more]
3 days ago
Jessica Schnase has edited the Flexikon article Lymph capillary
Lymph capilllaries are the finest, smallest branches of the lymphatic vessels. They run through nearly all body tissues. Their function is about absorbing the intercellular fluid and transporting it in the form of lymph to larger lymphatic vessels.
... [more]
3 days ago
Jessica Schnase has edited the Flexikon article Lymph
The lymph is a watery, milky-clouded body fluid which is stored in the body's lymphatic vessels. It contains electrolytes, proteins, chylomicrons and white blood cells (lymphocytes). The fatty, more clouded lymph of the gastrointestinal tract is ... [more]
3 days ago
Jessica Schnase has edited the Flexikon article Pulmonary circulation
The pulmonary circuit is the part of the circulatory system, which describes the movement of the blood departing from the heart into the lungs and back again into the heart.

The deoxygenated blood coming from the right heart's ventricle ... [more]
3 days ago
Marius Goniwiecha has edited the Flexikon article HIV
The HIV is a RNA virus belonging to the group of Lentiviridae within the family of Retroviridae, which causes an HIV disease that typically leads to AIDS in the late stage. So far, two types of HIVs are known, HIV 1 (inclusive of subtype 0) and HIV ... [more]
3 days ago

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