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On account of its antibacterial effects triclosan is added to many wash lotions and detergents. Recent studies indicate that the substance could also promote liver cancer. Above all, hospital staff ... [more]

Across the world about 5 to 20 percent of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. A definite explanation is not yet at hand, yet it is known that the state of mind affects the intestinal tract. ... [more]

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The Cell - An Image Library published a picture

Image of the Week - January 26, 2015 - CIL:38946

Image of the Week - January 26, 2015 CIL:38946 - Description: Light micrograph of a transverse section through wheat stem showing uredosori of wheat rust (Puccinia graminis). These sori appear as ... [more]
5 days ago
mr. ron woering commented on the News-item Irritable Bowel Syndrome: When the colon is lying on the couch
I was treated for IBS for many years, till I was diagnosed with a food hypersensitivity. It appeared that I am missing an enzyme that breaks down histamine. Avoiding the foodstuff with high histamine concentrations my IBS cured within three months ... [more]
10 days ago
mr franklyn nyarko commented on the News-item Triclosan: The dirty side of the soap bar
This is very good information. Keep the good work.
11 days ago
MEDICA Tradefair published a video

Shortness of breath can be measured – pulmonary exercise testing

When a patient often suffers from shortness of breath, general practitioners, internists and even pneumologists are not always able to find the cause directly – since many factors control how patients themselves perceive shortness of breath. ... [more] Pulmonary exercise testing and blood gas analyses ...
12 days ago
MEDICA Tradefair published a video

Video: Rescue operation on the patient simulator

When an emergency call is answered by the dispatcher things need to move fast. The emergency response team should get to its destination as quickly as possible – and take care of the patient as a well-oiled machine. It is crucial that all team ... [more] members remain calm, knowing that everyone knows...
19 days ago

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