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Memories of earliest childhood experiences reach back only as far as the age of three to five years. The maturation of the nerve centres is a neurological explanation for the fact that the time ... [more]

If you had the choice of sitting alone with only your thoughts as company, or experiencing pain, what would you choose? In a study published recently in Science, researchers show that most people ... [more]

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Dr. Hung Nguyen published a picture

GIST [gastrointestinal stromal tumor] of Mesentery (2)

Surgery removed many round masses adhered to mesentery. 
3 days ago
Dr. Hung Nguyen published a picture

Tubal Pregnancy Rupture

Rupture of ovarian tube in ectopic pregnancy of a 31 yo female patient which suffered from epigastric pain for 3 days. Blood tests : CA-125 =125 UI/mL and betaHCG rising 134UI/mL. WBC 15K with neutro 75%, and Hct 29%.
3 days ago
Dr B.P. Sharma commented on the News-item Methylphenidate: Chaos in the cortex
Does it affect pituitary to secreat more growth hormone to help in increasing height?
13 days ago
Dr. Rakesh Karnawat published a picture

Congenital amniotic band

Congenital amniotic band - a rare anomaly in newborn.Operated by Dr.Sunil Kothari,Paediatric surgeonAnaesthesia given by -Dr.R.Karnawat;Dr.Rakesh Nawal
20 days ago

Rattus (Dendrite) - CIL:8461

Development of axon and dendritic arbors in cultured hippocampal neurons after 2 days in vitro. At this timepoint, many, but not all cells are polarized, evidenced by the absence of a long, slender axon. MAP2 staining (red) is becoming segregated to ... [more]
21 days ago

Mus musculus (Axon) - CIL:16241

Distribution of interneurons expressing EGFP from the 5HT3 receptor promoter (Tg(Htr3a-EGFP)DH30Gsat, in the ventral hippocampus colabelled for the CB1 cannabinoid receptor (red) and counterstained with DAPI (blue) to show the cell ... [more]
21 days ago

Petunia (Pollen wall) - CIL:40304

Scanning electron micrograph of Petunia pollen. These specimens have been acetolyzed to remove cytoplasm and pollenkit in order to reveal the intricate wall structure. This is part of a large image collection of scanning electron micrographs of ... [more]
21 days ago
What is the contribution to the alu-bodyburden of the aluminium cans with (more or less acid) soft drinks, like coca-cola etc.
24 days ago

Opercularia coarctata (Cytoplasm) - CIL:39170

Opercularia is named for a ciliated flap (operculum) that is adoral to the opening to the oral region. However, this operculum is pulled back into the body when the myonemes are fully contracted as in this figure. The cilia bordering the operculum ... [more]
26 days ago

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