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Obesity has long since become a worldwide problem. Alongside diet, genetic factors appear to play a role. Scientists are currently in the process of developing a pill against excess pounds.

Trapped in a dream. This phrase does not apply to lucid dreamers, because they assume the director's position and can have a say in defining the drama happening in their sleep. A research group has ... [more]

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Syed Gauhar Husain commented on the News-item Obesity: fat fighter wanted
To reduce obesity specially related to cholesterol intake (butter, cheese, etc.) Walnut is a good recommendation/remedy, as it reduces cholesterol. The walnut should be taken with meals.
Syed Gauhar Husain
13 days ago
Dr Jawahar Ticku commented on the News-item Cancer therapy: millions for ions
Proton beam therapy is definitely a very good modality for deep seated tumors. But it may be ionizing radiation or the proton beam therapy, they are only for localized treatment but the problem in cancer is local spread and metastasis in which case ... [more]
28 days ago
Dr. Hung Nguyen published a picture

GIST of Mesentery (1)

Man 54 yo, abdominal pain and a scar on his lower wall of bossom. Ultrasound detected many round hypoechoic nodes. 
32 days ago
Dr. Hung Nguyen published a picture


Polysplenia syndrome on a 4 months old female child which was left sided isomerism. Big abdomen, jaundice and congenital heart defect.
32 days ago
I have memories of people speaking to me, and I was unable to talk back to them. My mother said that I was less than 2 years old in the house that I have these memories.
39 days ago
Dr B.P. Sharma commented on the News-item Methylphenidate: Chaos in the cortex
Does it affect pituitary to secreat more growth hormone to help in increasing height?
at 08.07.2014
Dr. Rakesh Karnawat published a picture

Congenital amniotic band

Congenital amniotic band - a rare anomaly in newborn.(Operated by Dr.Sunil Kothari,Paediatric surgeon Anaesthesia given by -Dr.R.Karnawat;Dr.Rakesh Nawal)
at 01.07.2014
Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Günther published a picture
at 30.06.2014

Rattus (Dendrite) - CIL:8461

Development of axon and dendritic arbors in cultured hippocampal neurons after 2 days in vitro. At this timepoint, many, but not all cells are polarized, evidenced by the absence of a long, slender axon. MAP2 staining (red) is becoming segregated to ... [more]
at 30.06.2014

Mus musculus (Axon) - CIL:16241

Distribution of interneurons expressing EGFP from the 5HT3 receptor promoter (Tg(Htr3a-EGFP)DH30Gsat, in the ventral hippocampus colabelled for the CB1 cannabinoid receptor (red) and counterstained with DAPI (blue) to show the cell ... [more]
at 30.06.2014

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